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Photography: Carmen Gondard



Welcome to the spiral journey where embodied play supports healing and liberation.

My name is Sophie Spiral (they/she). I am an eARTh prACTitioner researching, writing, facilitating workshops, creating art and medicines to heal the disconnection between humans and with Earth. Through reconnecting with our inner wisdom, plants, and spirit, I invite you to dance along the spiral path of healing to expand into wholeness and connection.


Join me in this celebration of love and life and become a love warrior committed to a just, joyful, and thriving future!

yours truly,


Embodiment Workshops

Dance is a celebration of love and life!

I commit to healing and liberation for all beings on Earth. Dance is this pathway of transformation because it allows us to embrace the present moment, find our own pleasures and truths, and give us the courage to allow change. Dance is a birthright practice that supports our healing, keeps us healthy, and strengthens us so that we can thrive even through the pains and challenges of life.


Listen to my Oath:


Workshop Participant

Thank you for your guidance Sophie! It was a nice change of pace, and great reflection time. I believe these spaces are always necessary, and especially during this crazy time. For all this and more, I thank you!

- Natalie (Berlin)

Workshop Participant

Excellent facilitation, thank you for holding space so calmly and openly and giving people time to share and feel respected in their moments of contribution. You navigated the virtual workshop with ease which is very impressive!

- Anonymous (California)

Workshop Participant

I feel quite refreshed! Wow, I’ve got a new set of eyes! And a new repertoire of movement! And my voice has a new variety of texture and character!


- Ermina Bailon (July 2020, Interplay Leader)

Embody the Now

From sea to see
green blue periphery
trees above and rooted below
clarity from silty smooth skin
cleansing the body, collectively
we walk around with our signs
drumming along the way
for the movement, for ourselves, for the trees
tuning into earth’s rhythms
NOW is the time for all movements
- race, class, gender, sexuality, ability and environmental justice - to join together!
NOW is the time to act on what is most important.
NOW is the time to fully commit to what I can realistically accomplish.
NOW is the time to envision liberation,
at its most basic and complex.
Give it silence, sound, and groove.

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