Sophie Schultze-Allen (they/she/he) is a dancer based in Berlin. They facilitate playful workshops that deepen our connection to Earth and each other. Sophie sees embodiment as a connective practice that can serve as a pathway towards collective liberation and healing. In their workshops, Sophie uses methods such as InterPlay, Somatics, Movement Improvisation, art-making and creative writing. Sophie was born in Germany but raised in California, and has been making socially engaged art for the last 15 years.

Sophie also works as a dance dramaturg helping to produce dance works for stage, site-specific/outdoor, and online viewing. This includes collaboration on Virtual Geographies (2019) with Carly Lave and The Intervention of Loneliness (2020) with Ming Poon. Sophie recently completed a Masters in Dance Studies at the Free University Berlin with a thesis exploring an emerging field of eco-dance practices that center decoloniality.

What embodiment and creative practices can help us move beyond oppression and exploitation towards thriving life on Earth? This requires an intersectional understanding that all forms of oppression are connected, albeit different. We must join together in resistance to practice living the world we want to birth into existence! Join me!


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