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Sophie Schultze-Allen (they/she) is a dancer and dance researcher based in Berlin. They facilitate playful workshops that deepen our connection to Earth and each other. Sophie sees embodiment as a connective practice that can serve as a pathway towards collective liberation and healing from ecological destruction and social injustice. In workshops, Sophie uses methods such as InterPlay, Somatics, Movement Improvisation, art-making/printmaking and creative writing. Sophie was born in Germany but raised in Berkeley, California and has been making community engaged art for the last 15 years.

Sophie also works as a dance dramaturg helping to produce dance works for stage, site-specific/outdoor, and online viewing. This includes collaboration on HEX (2022) with Carly Lave and The Intervention of Loneliness (2020) with Ming Poon as well as coordination for A Dance Walk: Tempelhofer Feld (2022) and Ancestor Tree I & II (2021 & 2022) with KlimaKunstLabor.


Sophie recently completed a Masters in Dance Studies at the Free University Berlin with a thesis exploring eco-dance practices that center decolonial action.

The research is now be expanded into a PhD at Free University Berlin within the funded project SFB 1512 'Art as Intervention.'


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