Bring Movement to your Writing!

Embodied Writing

Single, two-hour, online workshops that combine movement and creative writing for holistic reflection & expression. New topics each time!

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Weekly InterPlay Workshops

Playful Resilience

Shake It Out! with Playful Resilience Collective's online workshops using InterPlayful activities to help social justice activists release stress and find new meaning in their work.


Online International Gatherings

InterPlayers of the World

This annual online gathering brings InterPlayers together from all over the world! Join us next year for meaningful movement!


The Embodied Writing Creative Workshop



Offers you a possibility to connect with your intuitive listening and awaken to your senses. Focus on your inner world and inner truth through playful and gentle exercises that aim to develop your relationship with yourself and strengthen your inner authority. This workshop provides tools to create a personal connection with Self, a safe space within and without where magic can happen, a space where you may softly open and discover new possibilities for healing.

With a mix of movement and writing we will let the body speak and learn to listen to the wisdom of our bodies. Allow your words and ideas to move through you, bringing messages from within out to be heard.


Move with your breath, write with your soul.

This is a monthly workshop held online.

Duration: 2 hours

Contribution Based on Income:

28 Euro (Standard), 22 Euro (Reduced), 34 Euro (Supporter)

Upcoming Dates and Times to be Announced via Email.

To register email: embodied.writing@gmail.com

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Awaken Your Inner Garden

As we enter the new season, we are ready to cleanse and let go of old cells and thought patterns. It’s time to let in some fresh air and detox what remains of winter. It’s time to rise with a new light and begin again.

We are ready to Awaken our Inner Garden, prepare the fertile soil where to plant the seeds we wish to nourish and watch grow. During the workshop we will engage in playful and creative embodied experiences crafted especially to welcome the spring together and get ready to blossom

Saturday, April 10th

8am-10am PST / 11am-1pm EST / 5pm-7pm CET

Contribution Based on Income:

28 Euro (Standard), 22 Euro (Reduced), 34 Euro (Supporter)

To register email: embodied.writing@gmail.com

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The theme is centered around PORTALS, we will focus on becoming aware that change is movement. What change are you ready to bring into your daily life? During the workshop movement will propel us into a portal - the space of emergence. The state of consciousness where we become aware of ourselves as part of everything in flux! Where we can begin to understand on a cellular level how we are all interconnected. The portal is in every moment, every breath - it’s in understanding that we are life and we are here to let it move through us and express its beauty.

Change is the constant in our lives, in accepting this knowledge and embodying it in ourselves, we will accept the flow of life with it and learn how to consciously tap into it.

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

8am-10am PST / 11am-1pm EST / 5pm-7pm CET

Contribution Based on Income:

28 Euro (Standard), 22 Euro (Reduced), 34 Euro (Supporter)

To register email: embodied.writing@gmail.com

Please join us for the second Side-by-Side International InterPlay Gathering!


12 - 15 August, 2021

Thursday - Sunday, Online

We are sprinkling the magic of InterPlay around the world, as this Gathering will be open to anyone and will be at times convenient to those of us living in Asia, Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand, Europe and other Eastern hemisphere countries. This event is open to all InterPlayers (not just certified leaders - and also open to folks who are InterPlay beginners or dabblers.)

Our theme is Sharing Our Common Ground. We’ll come together and plant stories, songs, dances, and stillness in an InterPlay garden. We’ll be watering not just the soil of our own souls. Quantum waves will spread our seeds into a world thirsty for the nourishment of play.

For example: On Saturday I'm leading a workshop together with Pemra Kahraman called "Inquiry as Common Ground: From Scarcity to Abundance"


We have experienced that play is an intervention in the drought/flood/drought cycles of the personal as well as world nature. In this gathering, we wish to explore the various threads of being interconnected to each other, feeling the connections with the soil that births us and that nurtures us. We wish to play together, find laughter and joy in the connections across borders, share our grief and support each other through our dreams and visions.

Our bodies are living archives that hold ancestral trauma and resilience. What are the shadows present in our bodies waiting to be released and transformed like compost with which we can fertilize the world's seeds of justice, compassion, joy and creative play?

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Every Thursday, April 15 - May 27, 2021

10am-noon PST / 1pm-3pm EST / 7pm-9pm CET


Workshops by Donation!

(suggested 5-10 Euros per session)


To register, simply Email: sophiespiraldance@gmail.com

The Just Transitions workshop series locating the moving body as a nexus for climate justice research. If we want to change our societies, we must first learn what change and transformation look like and feel like in our own bodies. Dance is a practice comprised of continuous transitions – infinite spaces to further develop liberation as a practice by saying NO to dualism and saying YES to complexity, intersections, and hybridity. With a body-centered approach, the diversity of our humxn experiences informs strategies for transitioning away from growth-focused consumerist movement patterns that rely on fossil fuels and towards being in interconnected, reciprocal, regenerative relationship!

Experience being the change you wish to see in the world!

Apr. 15 - Breath, Being & Belonging

Apr. 22 - Deep Listening (Earth Day) w/ Soyinka Rahim, GSP

Apr. 29 - Healing Boundaries (Live @ Ponderosa)

May 06 - Spinal Spiral Flow w/ Flow Doc Lynn

May 13 - The Power of Vulnerability w/ Natty Abdou

May 20 - Body as Archive & Ancestral Wisdom

May 27 - Moving Towards Reciprocity w/ Cinzia Schincariol

"In wanting fullness of expression, artists seek inner wholeness" - Gloria Anzaldua

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Join a workshop almost every week!

Online! Donation-based! Supports a good cause!


Join us amidst the possibilities, tensions, organizing-efforts and hanging-in-there vibes. No next-steps will benefit from being all up in our heads and out of touch with our bodies! Luckily, we've been playing on zoom for months now and have learned how to make connective, real, relieving space online. NO EXPERIENCE needed, truly. We have a long road of love, solidarity and culture-building ahead. This session is grounded in InterPlay, an improv modality that uses a playful approach to movement, storytelling, listening and song to tap into body wisdom.

Held by Playful Resilience - a collective of facilitators holding space for body wisdom since the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020.